So here I am, writing to you while trying to balance a baby on my lap. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself and what I am all about.

My name is Janneke (no need to know how to pronounce it correctly, though Hanukkah with a 'ya' in front of it gets pretty close) and I have an 8 month old daughter named Zoe. I split my time between being a stay-at-home mom and being a work from home mom working on my photography business and my essential oil business. When it comes to sharing about motherhood and our life in general, I try to be as transparent and honest as possible, and there's a reason.

When I was pregnant I followed a lot of other moms on Social Media and admired their "perfect" life. I envisioned this glam existence of hanging out with my daughter at cute coffee shops in matching clothes, sipping lattes while the babe snoozed in her stroller.

While I'm sure some moms might still be able to live this life, I'm not one of them. I'm lucky if I get some clean clothes on and remember to brush my teeth, which coincidentally I haven't done yet today, and I've already been out in public. No shame, people, no shame. I quickly learned that my baby comes first, and she just preferred to sleep in my arms for the first 5 months of life, not the stroller, and wants to be fed on demand, not in a coffee shop. After I've come to the conclusion that this is my new life, I've also realized that IT'S OK not to be "perfect". So now I try to let other moms know that what they're going through is normal, they're not alone, that it will pass - I'm not lying. At 8 months, Zoe sleeps in her crib, goes down for 3 naps without a fuss and sleeps through the night. It really does get better and easier.

Obviously there are also happy moments to being a mom, and I love sharing those as well. Not that you're starting to think I was a negative nancy or anything!