Baby proofing and still living a life

Right around the time Zoe turned 6 months is when I finally decided I should probably baby proof the house. I started simple - outlet covers. We don't have that many outlets in our home (thanks a lot whoever built the thing 60 years ago!) so that one wasn't hard. I received the standard outlet plug covers for one of my baby showers so in they went. That also took care of vacuuming for the remainder of Zoe's childhood years as those things are a mighty pain to get back out. Ok, I'm kidding, I do still vacuum, but I have to use upper outlets out of Zoe's reach and therefore not covered to do so. 

For another month, that was all the proofing we needed to do. Zoe didn't crawl yet and wasn't actively rolling towards a particular location yet. Once she started doing that, I plopped down on the ground myself and looked for anything that looked interesting to a tiny human - mainly electrical things like cords. Those were tucked safely behind cabinets or raised off the ground away from her little hands. Our basement (think TV and couch, etc) is located in the finished basement, so we have no sharp edges to cover, making the rest of the baby proofing super simple. I also decided that I wasn't going to worry too much about making the entire home a blank slate. I still wanted us to live here and enjoy it. That meant leaving the plants where they were, some of them on the ground. 

I am not delusional, I know Zoe is going to get into the plants, she already has, but I am always right there anyway, watching her. I actually encourage her to touch the plants, feel the texture or things. Once whatever she's touching looks like it's about to go into her mouth, girlfriend gets picked up and moved. Simple as that. 

We have a small home, some days it feels more like an apartment, so baby proofing is fairly simple. Aside from those plants and the dog's water dish, I don't have to worry about too much at the moment. One thing to note - we have a play yard set up (we have this one) and I never leave Zoe unattended. Whenever I go to the bathroom, throw in a load of laundry, etc, I put her in there or take her with me. I trust our dog, he's a sweet and gentle soul but he gets excited easily. When Zoe is close by, he doesn't move, it's like he freezes. Now that she's crawling, he's even more aware of her location. In the picture below, he was about t sit down when she crawled underneath him, he knew right away and stopped. All that being said, I know Ollie would never intentionally hurt Zoe, but he's still an animal and unpredictable. Better safe than be sorry.

So tell me, how do/did you baby proof? Did you completely change the way you live? As Zoe grows, I'm sure we will have to change more things, but I like knowing that I'm hopefuly raising her to respect "mommy's things" while exploring her surroundings.