Cloth Wipes and 'What am I getting myself into'

During my pregnancy with Zoe we had originally decided to cloth diaper. It not only was more economical but also better for mama earth so it made sense. Luke was all for it. Then Zoe was here and several incredibly messy poops later, we decided that the disposables she was wearing as a tiny newborn were way too convenient. That was a year ago and while we've since switched to the more eco and baby friendly diapers by Bambo Nature, I still have cloth on the back of my mind. 

We've been incredibly lucky that Zoe never had a bad diaper rash - thanks to our use of coconut oil and Tender Tush by Young Living, but lately I've noticed how her bum is just a bit more red. I'm thinking that's from teething, girlfriend drools like crazy. Whatever the reason, we're still currently using Pampers Sensitive Wipes. Yes, even my crunchy behind isn't eco friendly in ALL aspects of our life. 

Well, I was online a few days ago and came across the idea of cloth wipes. I had made my own wipes before when I ran out of our commercial ones - yep, it happens, if it hasn't to you yet, don't worry, it will - so I knew it wasn't hard making my own wipe solution so 10 minutes later I had ordered a cute little stack from Marleys Monsters. You can totally just cut your own from receiving blankets or use paper towels but a) I don't have any receiving blankets and b) we no longer use paper towels so I went ahead and ordered the Complete Cloth Wiping Set and some Wet Bags.

Today is the day they arrive. I am both excited and nervous. I will continue to have some commercial wipes handy for those insanity poops - which we will be using Water Wipes from now on to reduce the chemicals that come in touch with her sensitive skin - but for the most part, we will begin using Cloth Wipes this weekend, both for on the go and at home.

I shall report back with how it's going. Which will either be glorious or insanely comical.